PT. Neda Abadi is a leading manufacturer and distributor of NAflow dust collector and vacuum system product for local and international market. Corporate head office is located in East Jakarta with factories / workshop in Bogor.

Naflow’s aim is to provide the competitiely priced, reliable and efficient dust collector and vacuum system equipment available to the local and international market.

NAflow dust collector was manufacture by your production machine requirement and indutrial safety rules. The end of target are protect your asset, clean the environment, and protect your employee.

Our expert engineer has experience and capability for :

  • Survey your machine requirement
  • Capacity calculations
  • Select the unit as application
  • Select the appropriate application filter to the type of dust
  • Design and calculation of ducting and hood
  • Design the unit Design the protection
  • Intallation and unit drawing
  • Technical & commercial detail (proposal & presentation)
  • Manufacture
  • Intallation
  • Commissioning & training (complete with manual book)
  • Service & maintenance
  • Calculate and upgrade the unit already installed
  • Part supply
  • Assessment as a regulation.

Our production departement use a selected material with a local and international standard with regularly system and continuously develop.